Get screened for
respiratory diseases.

Spira is an AI based telemedicine service that screens patients for respiratory diseases.

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Spira’s novel AI offers instant feedback to a patient.

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Our screening test can be completed in under one minute, with just a smartphone.

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Spira’s API allows easy integration of our AI into any platform.

Clinical quality screening on a smartphone.

Our screening process mimics a doctor’s visit, empowering both the patient and doctor to have instant insight at their fingertips.



Spira’s AI takes into account several symptoms with high correlation to respiratory diseases.

Lung test

Using a phone microphone, Spira simulates the use of a spirometer and stethoscope to perform a cough and auscultation test.


Actionable insights

Spira’s AI predicts the risk of respiratory disease, evidences the screening with symptoms and provides at-home treatment options.

Gain clarity about your respiratory health with Spira.

Our plug-and-play API allows for a frictionless integration into your platform.

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